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Connection Module Holder HD, 4x 12-port/s, Cat. 6A, gray

Article no.: R512426
E Number: 966741705
EAN / GTIN: 7611821048053
Delivery Unit: 1
Unit of Measure: PC

To be mounted into 19" 1U HD Basic and HD patch panels, shielded. The ports are consecutively numbered from 1 to 48.

Scope of supply

  • 4 12-port/s connection module holders HD

  • Grounding system

  • Cable ties

  • Manual grounding concept

Technical Data
Shielding connector (A) shielded
Protection class IP IP 20
PoE Yes
Rack mounting version sub-rack
Assembly empty
Capacity (ports) 12
Mechanical Data
Dimensions 43.2 mm x 109.9 mm x 67.0 mm / 1.701 in x 4.327 in x 2.638 in (W x H x D)
Color Code NCS S 1005-R80B
Material plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced, halogen-free

Connection module holders HD, 12-port, shielded, plastic (PC), fiberglass-reinforced, halogen-free, color light gray (NCS 1005-R80B).

Automatic ground contacting by spring contacts. With a capacity of upto 12 shielded RJ45 connection modules of Category 6A ISO, Class EA for the establishing of transmission channels with up to 4 plugged connections.

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