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1U Splitter Insert ODF, 1* 1x16, E-2000™ APC, G.657, C/1

Article no.: R804313
Minimum Order quantity intern: 0.000

Splitter insert with Snap-in Clip for easy mounting. Splitter PLC in wavelength range 1260 - 1650 nm.

Color housing: light gray (RAL 7035).

Color front plate: anthracite gray (RAL 7016).

Mecanical Data
Dimensions 218.0 mm x 34.5 mm x 145.0 mm / 8.583 in x 1.358 in x 5.709 in (W x H x D)
Color Code RAL 7035 Light gray
Material steel: DC01 (1.0330), 1.5 mm
Technical Data
Conductor type semi-tight buffer, dry
Fiber type singlemode (SM)
Fiber class G.657 Class A
Fiber diameter E9 / 125 µm
Number of connectors (A) 1
Number of connectors (B) 16
Connector type (A) E-2000™
Connector type (B) E-2000™
Connector color (A) green
Connector color (B) green
Lever- / frame-coding (A) Color
Lever- / frame-coding (B) Color
Lever color (B) green
Polishing plug (A) APC 8°
Polishing plug (B) APC 8°
Protection class IP (A) IP 20
Protection class IP (B) IP 20
Return loss grade RL (A) 1
Return loss grade RL (B) 1
Attenuation grade IL (A) C
Attenuation grade IL (B) C
Amount of height units 1 U
Rack mounting version slide-in unit
Adapter fastening method end cap snap-in
Assembly fully populated
Splitter ratio 1 times 1 to 16
Splitter ratio value 1 1
Splitter ratio value 2 16
Sleeve material ceramic
Standard acc. to IEC 61754-15
acc. to DIN EN 186270