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CombiMODULE Right ODF, 288xSC G.652.D, APC, ceramic, C/1, SE heat shrink

Article no.: R807370
Minimum Order quantity intern: 0.000

Completely assembled splice and patch unit with 288 fiber connections from patch insert to SCM splice trays SE.

Scope of supply

  • Complete CombiMODULE housing with fiber management

  • 12 Patch inserts, each equipped with 24 x SC adapters. System connection cables inserted and put in place.

  • Tray brackets for SCM trays

  • SCM cover set

  • 12 SCM splice trays for shrink splices

  • Labeling set

  • Installation instructions

Mecanical Data
Dimensions 460.0 mm x 450.0 mm x 190.0 mm / 18.11 in x 17.717 in x 7.48 in (W x H x D)
Technical Data
Fiber type singlemode (SM)
Fiber class G.652.D (OS1, OS2)
Fiber diameter E9 / 125 µm
Number of connectors (A) 288
Connector type (A) SC
Connector color (A) green
Polishing plug (A) APC 8°
Protection class IP (A) IP 20
Return loss grade RL (A) 1
Attenuation grade IL (A) C
Rack mounting version patch panel
Assembly fully populated
Capacity (ports) 288
Sleeve material ceramic
Version splice
Standard Adapter and connector in acc. with IEC 61754-4
Fan-out color code: DIN VDE 0888