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FiberModul Front Panel 7HP, plastic, 12xFC/ST

Article no.: R318559
Minimum Order quantity intern: 0.000

Color: light gray (NCS 1005-R80B).

Material: PC.

Expandable to 8HP with FiberModul front panel 1HP.

Scope of supply

  • Front panel 7HP for the mounting of LWL adapters

  • Labeling strips

Mecanical Data
Dimensions 128.5 mm x 35.2 mm x 20.5 mm / 5.059 in x 1.386 in x 0.807 in (W x H x D)
Color Code NCS S 1005-R80B
Material plastic: PC, fiber-glass reinforced
Technical Data
Number of connectors (A) 12
Protection class IP IP 20
Adapter fastening method screw
Assembly empty
Outlet type mounting unit
Type Picture Description Article  
Accessories R30841
Panel modules R30802
Panel modules R30911