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19" Patch Panels

Use our 19-inch patch panels as a flexible, convenient and powerful solution in building cabling. The patch panels are modular and can be installed quickly and easily in your 19-inch enclosures. Best possibilities with highest efficiency.

The 19" patch panels from R&M are optical distribution solutions for installation in the 19" cabinet solutions. Thanks to different sizes and designsyou can choose the perfect solution for your building and company. This simplifies cable managementfiber distribution planningmaintenance and servicing. The 19" patch panels are delivered with the most important accessories: Mounting materiallabeling strips and of course with an instruction manual. Alsothe front panels are each equipped with couplingswhich allows easy cable installation. Cable safety and high quality are always top priorities at R&M. That iswhy we manufacture the socket of the 19" patch panels from ceramic and ensure that the IP 20 protection requirements are met.The patch panels offered can be ordered with up to 10 height units and have a fiber capacity of up to 576 fiber connections.


19" patch panels - the perfect solution for your project


Our products in the field of 19" patch panels include the UniRack product family with the 19" patch panel UniRack and the 19" patch panel UniRack2. In additionthere is the 19" patch panel FibereasyRack and the 19" patch panel FibereasyRack2. In addition to the 19" patch panelswe also offer a wide range of accessories to meet your requirements in the best possible way. With a modular panel cover you protect the laid cables from mechanical influences. These are available in different colorsso you can choose the right version for your 19" patch panel. Furthermoreyou can add a matching patch panel guide tray in different sizes and lengths to each 19" patch panelso that the cable routing outside the patch panels can be donecleanly and safely. The installation of such a horizontal routing of the patch cords is done directly at the front side of the 19" patch panels. Furthermoreyou have the option to mount the patch cord guide as a standalone solution directly into a 19"cabinet or to use it as a fiber guide with the splice and breakout box. Let our professionals advise you now which 19" patch panels fit you and your project.