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Accessories for Modules ODF SCM

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  • Blind Cover ODF, patch insert

    Strictly a blind cover for the PatchMODULE and CombiMODULE. Closes off non-equipped positions.

  • Article no.: R510719
  • Mounting Plate ODF, module

    You can use the mounting plate to mount theSpliceMODULE, PatchMODULE or CombiMODULE as a stand-alone solution on the wall or in a street cabinet etc.

  • Article no.: R511902
  • Mounting Plate ODF, cable / tubes

    The mounting plate simplifies the introduction of loose tube, blow-in tubes and can be retrofitted on the SpliceMODULE.

  • Article no.: R808397
  • Mounting Plate ODF, blow-in

    Up to 72 tubes with a diameter of Ø 5 mm can be hooked up without tools at the mounting plate on the SpliceMODULE and CombiMODULE.

  • Article no.: R510775
  • Cable Support Plate ODF, mounting bracket

    The cable support plate is attached to one or both sides of the mounting plate to manage incoming and outgoing cables and blow-in tubes.

  • Overlength Tray ODF, SpliceMODULE

    The overlength tray is used in loop installations and to take up the excess length of loose tube cables on the SpliceMODULE.

  • Article no.: R511904
  • Cable Management ODF, PatchMODULE

    Suitable for the routing of breakout cablesincluding strain relief on PatchMODULE. Can be mounted at the left or right side.

  • Article no.: R513570